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Hunger Coalition

The Papoose Club's investment in The Hunger Coalition’s Infant Formula Initiative ensures they've never had to turn away a mother and baby in need. Empowered by the Club's support, they grew the quality of the program to accommodate babies with unique dietary needs. For example, local mother, Sharon’s baby, Olive was born prematurely. Without resources or maternity leave, Sharon had to go back to work just weeks after Olive was born. Eventually, the emotional and financial stress compromised Sharon’s supply of breast milk. Although she barely made over minimum wage as a front desk agent, Olive’s pediatrician suggested Sharon invest in a costly kind of formula developed to help pre-mature babies overcome their health challenges. Feeling entirely overwhelmed, Sharon reached out to The Hunger Coalition for help. Because of their partnership with The Papoose Club, they were able to provide Sharon and Olive three cans of Enriched Nutrition Formula for babies born prematurely.


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