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Silver Creek School Holiday Feast

In December, Silver Creek High School was able to host a Holiday Feast for their students with the generous support of The Papoose Club. As students walked into the building, they were greeted by a long table covered in white cloth, decorated with festive materials. Each place had a gift for the students (with gifts such as a blankets, phone accessories, and pillows), and there was a large buffet of delicious festive foods (such as turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy etc.) Every student in the school was invited to come out and join in the festivities, filling the halls with the sounds of joy as the students talked and ate together as a family. For all who attended, it was an amazing opportunity for the school to really strengthen it’s community and the bond between all the students and staff. The gifts were an unexpected surprise for many, and a welcome one at that, as not every student goes home over the break to a family who can (or will) celebrate the holidays. Every student I talked to after the feast was blown away by the sheer amount of generosity was displayed, with some going as far as to describe the experience as “magical.” For the next few days, there was a noticeable difference in the mood of the school, as the opportunity to come together and simply celebrate had lifted everyone’s spirits. There has never been an event in this school that I would say touched as many people in such a way as this one, and I know that every single attendee left feeling a bit more holiday spirit than before. This opportunity would never have been possible without the extreme kindness shown by The Papoose Club, and I know that I speak for the entirety for Silver Creek when I say that we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.


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