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Looking forward to see you all

Executive Membership Meeting

Tuesday March 12th

Meeting 630pm

Hailey Visitor Center

781 S Main St Hailey

Membership Meeting

Monday March 18th

Socializing 630pm, Meeting 7pm

Ketchum Fire Station (YMCA Parking Lot)

107 Saddle Road Ketchum

Papoose Branding/How Do We Move Forward? Vote  

There will be remote options as well via zoom and online survey (email).

Tuesday April 2nd


Community Library Lecture Room

Membership Meeting

Monday April 15th

Socializing 630pm, Meeting 7pm

The Senior Connection 

721 S. Third  Ave Hailey

Nominate Officers for 2024-2025 Term (August-Aug)

Vote on Member of the Year


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