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Grants Funded, Children's Activities Supported by Papoose Club

The Papoose Club met in October awarding three organizations money for their endeavors. The I Have A Dream Foundation requested funding for greatly needed snacks for the children served in the after-school elementary program that is located at Bellevue Elementary School and serves students from Alturas, Hailey and Bellevue Elementary Schools.

The Space opened a new office in downtown Hailey and is able to provide a comfortable place for students to meet in enrichment groups, receive support and tutoring, or to read, have a snack, get school supplies and do homework in a quiet location. The request was for a new colored printer, ink, and paper.

Hailey Elementary requested funds for an indoor growing garden cart. The purpose of this garden system is to provide children in the Early Childhood Special Education classroom with the opportunity to experience how food is grown, from seed to harvest to table.

National Children's Day

Wood River Legacy Softball


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