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Papoose Gives to Important Local Youth Groups

At the June Papoose Club meeting, members voted to give funds to The Hunger Coalition. Papoose Club has been the key supporter of the baby formula program for 17 years. This is an important program that has provided essential nutrition to hundreds of infants in that time, promoting infant growth and relieving stress for hundreds of families, and ensuring that infants are well fed and given a brighter future.

The Club also gave monies to the Earnest Hemingway STEAM Music School to help with the acquisition of a baby Grand piano that was donated to the school. The piano will be enjoyed by all grades in music class and for student performances. The baby grand piano can also be opened up to show students the engineering of the instrument and further explore how a percussion instruments use hammers to hit the strings and create sound.

Bad To The Bow, a 4H youth club, received a grant for 3-D targets, a recurve bow, compound bows, and arrows. This equipment will supplement what is on hand and enhance the program for older kids. Bad to the Bow youth gather weekly to practice safety and shooting skills, allowing them to meet kids from around the Valley, learn a new hobby, compete in the outdoors, and many times eventually become excellent hunters.

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