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Papoose is Giving Out Money to WRV Youth, and it feels so good!

Papoose Club was thrilled to be meeting live and giving out money in October!

The club fulfilled the I Have A Dream Foundation request to enable greatly needed snacks for the children served in the after-school elementary program that is located at Bellevue Elementary School and serves students from Alturas, Hailey and Bellevue Elementary Schools.

Papoose was able to provide funds for a new colored printer, ink, and paper for The Space. The Space has recently opened a new office in downtown Hailey and is providing a comfortable place for students to meet in enrichment groups, receive support and tutoring, or to read, have a snack, get school supplies and do homework in a quiet location.

Finally, Papoose Club gave the money for an indoor growing garden cart requested by Hailey Elementary. The purpose of this garden system is to provide children in the Early Childhood Special Education classroom with the opportunity to experience how food is grown, from seed to harvest to table.

Our next meeting is 7pm Monday, Nov 15th at the Sun Valley Culinary Institute in 211 N. Main St Ketchum. All are welcome!


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