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Wood River Land Trust

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Thanks to our recent gift to WRLT's Student Conservation Council we help to fund their project to build a kiosk in the Colorado Gulch Preserve. The Colorado Gulch Preserve Kiosk and Audio Tour is a student-led project involving nine students from the Wood River Land Trust’s Student Conservation Council (SCC) and 49 students from the Wood River High School Construction Academy. They will be working together to learn and experience what it takes to create a real world project in the new bench acquisition of Colorado Gulch Preserve in Hailey.

Click here for more information about the Wood River Land Trust.

The project will be a trailhead kiosk that students are designing, determining map content for, building and creating three audio tours targeted for 6-10 year olds. The project allows SCC students to see that they can make a lasting impact and inspire others. It reaches a group normally missed by conservation efforts, the Construction Academy, and shows them they can use their skills to make positive environmental impacts, too. The Signage and Audi Tour will educate kids about our cultural heritage, will be a focal point for countless school and camp field trips to the Preserve and will help inspire kids to get out and walk, bike, hike or horseback through the open space.


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