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Wood River Land Trust's Student Conservation Council

This year the Wood River Land Trust’s Student Conservation Council (SCC) has decided to undertake a habitat improvement project around the Quigley Pond. Quigley Canyon is changing from an agricultural area to an area of mixed-use - including recreation, limited development in the City annexation area, and protected open space. We want to make sure that wildlife habitat is maintained and improved while new recreational trails are opened up nearby.

Funds generously awarded to the SCC by the Papoose Club will be used to assist with the costs of educational signage. This signage, which will be placed at the edge of the Pond and within the surrounding trail, will describe the importance of this restoration project as well as describe why keystone species are important for our ecosystem. Sponsors of the Program will also be credited on the sign. Again, we thank the Papoose Club for all of their philanthropic efforts throughout our Valley. It is a better place because of your organization.


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